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The Center in Norfolk, VA hosts many activities, group therapy, and community meetings.  Check out their calendar of events!

For all information related to Pride Events in Hampton Roads.

Helps create gender sensitive and inclusive environments for all children
and teens.

He She Ze and We is an organization in Virginia to support transgender and non-binary children of all ages and their families. This includes support meetings, education of caregivers, schools and communities and advocacy work. 

For LGBTQ youth who are having suicidal thoughts and need to talk before it's an emergency.

Inspiration for teens who are dealing with their gender identity or sexuality.

GLSEN is the national organization supporting LGBTQ student groups, historically referred to as "GSA" or "Gay/Straight Alliance" groups.


PFLAG National provides information and advocacy resources for individuals and for local chapters.  They have very useful pamphlets available for free download. 

A VERY popular pamphlet is OUR TRANS LOVED ONES.

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